Thursday, May 21, 2009

ICFF09 six things I liked.

Designglut had their 5+ things they liked at ICFF 2009 and I liked it. Here are mine. (I won't mention the robot seal and Italian chairs as it is already covered by many of you)

1) modkat
stylish cat litter (well look like you can buy it from IKEA) that gives your cat some privacy during their business. As I recently purchased an automatic cat litter machine, and realize that it is really not the best solution in so many ways, I am willing to try this. My machine (littermaid) is way too big for my small New York apartment and really loud when it works. It has too many parts that dust gets in and breaks. But in the end I am not sure if I'd spend another $120.00 on this potential landfill. I feel that I can make something similar to this myself...maybe out of wood? I like the privacy concept, simple mechanism (no moving parts) and the fact that it will have cats clean their feet as they jump out of the box. I also like that scoop holder on the side of the box (like a rice cooker and scoop holder) Look! doesn't the picture look like it is from IKEA or Flor catalogue? (or Apple store)
Make sure to watch the cat video using the product on their site.

2) clamps by studiomake
I can see how this clamps can be sold and people can buy parts to be able to connect and create furniture themselves... I don't wanna mention it again but...oh well it'd probably fit pretty well with Ikea store where they sell table tops and legs separately. It would be pretty cool jointing solution.
Creative duo from Crankbrook Academy of Art showed their work at Design boom and these clamps were my favorite among their work. David and Im (Im is from Thailand) are moving to Thailand to start a business (find a factory manufacturing ceramic ware and such.) Good luck to them!

3) Porcelain Kaleidoscope
It was mind blowing and beautiful... Design by Japan

These psychedelic images just fly in front of your eyes...

4) Ceramic ware by Alexa lixfeld I found her slip casted ceramic wear with partline still on extremly beautiful and satisfy my indulgence for objects... Incompleteness as an aesthetic language.

5) Wooden keyboard
Although the production made it feel like scribble pieces put together (flimsy) I loved the concept of having a keyboard made of natural materials. Keyboard is the object that i touch the most in my everyday life at this point. I'd like it to feel good in my hands.

6) Dining agenda
At design boom check out her clever ideas for dining experience...

Overall I felt that there were lots of repeats from last year... I paid more attention to the design of display to be honest. Design by Japan section was impressive - especially with its space design -modern material meeting Japanese style. The background music was songs from Tuvan throat singers. More pictures available at (to the point my camera died) ... I love you designers.