Monday, January 26, 2009

Unemployeed week 3

It is Trebuchet kind of day today. Chinese new year's day and sunny

I've started my week 3 of unemployment with calling my 401K account for roll over. And then reading a booklet about unemployment compensation and realizing how much work it actually is to file for a claim each week.

Even though I do not need to distinguish weekends from weekdays, I made a point of not working during the weekends to establish some sort of routines. I've honestly feared being unemployed for so long and I realized that what I feared was the "freedom." Now it is all in my hands to decide how to fill my days. I've never not belonged to a school or work except for a short period of time in between school and job. Now that it is all up to me until I land on to what is next, I have to proactively decide what I will do each week, each day and each hour. (well yeah it comes with the limitation of $$ of course) So I started a lot of things in the last 2 weeks of unemployment besides job searching. Things I've done are...
  • shortening my pants that I've postponed in the last 2 years
  • brushing my cats teeth which I've planned to do so in the last year or so but stopped at purchasing the kitty tooth brush and paste
  • started a branding project for none profit organization - art activism organization called :the real estate industry
  • listening to NPR religiously - today it is home depot's turn to lay off its employees
  • actually posting blogs that my x coworker Dan told me to for years!
  • meeting random people - it was incredible how easily I made friends when I say I don't work!

So far it is getting better. I still can't sleep at night but it is not from worries and stress but more from excitement and my restless mind for expectations.

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