Sunday, February 08, 2009

your online accounts after your death

What happens to your emails, facebook account, all the pictures you posted on the web...etc. after your death? I have over 6000 emails in my yahoo account. And since I hear that these days some parents would start their baby's facebook account from day 0 I can't imagine how much information the new generations would be storing in this cyber world. I guess after inactive use the account would close up automatically. You would have less chance of your personal memoirs being found out by your family or friends after you are gone. I am private person so I prefer that. I spent many my teenag years feeling paranoid by my mom reading through my diaries.

But it makes me sad in a way. The love letters that carry so much weight and meaning to one's life will simply disappear. No process of paper and ink decomposing and becoming a part of the earth. It just goes away. boom. Like it never existed.

What would be a smart solution for that?


jimmyD from research city said...

There are services you can setup to backup your digital memories- flickr, delicious, twitter or a blog.

I'd say that while you may leave the planet the digital memory you've left behind will always remain in some digital archive somewhere, stuck in a google buffer, not really ever lost, just tucked away waiting for the right keyword to bring it back to life again.

While its true that traditional hand written journals represent a more real visible tangible memory, they can only be accessed from one person- potentially more intimate, but todays reality has your memory recorded for all, anyone, anywhere, anytime accessible (provided you choose that).

sites to help you back up

Leah said...

I think I may document my passwords and details to my accounts in my will and have a list of trustworthy people to take care of them... be it erasing the ones I want no one to see, and maintaining the ones I want to live on.
What do you think? Would my lawyer think I am crazy or what??